The Night I Made A Fool Of Myself In Front Of Saints Lineman Ryan Ramczyk

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We all have these stories. Right? Well I hope so anyway. A few months back you might remember I covered the event Country USA. What you probably didn’t notice is who I ran into… Ryan Ramczyk of the New Orleans Saints.

The last night of the event..

While walking to my campsite..

I was stopped by the group camping next to me… (The group happened to be using a microphone and was joking around with people walking by… The person with the microphone realized my shirt said Pro Sports Extra, and earlier in the weekend we talked quickly about it.)

Remembering that I own Pro Sports Extra… He asks me a question… “Who did the Saints draft with the 32nd pick in the 2017 Draft?”

I looked at him confused with red eyes, and drunk as hell, I laugh and look down at my phone. And look up and …

Like C’mon if I could remember every Draft Pick that’s be insane.. Especially who the Saints drafted. I’m a blogger and all, but come on… I don’t remember everything, I’m a Lions fan.

The his friend says “The Packers traded the Saints pick”

Everyone starts laughing at me. I notice a bigger guy to the left of me sitting in a chair. *Looking back on it, I’m not sure how he could even fit in that chair.

Next I hear “He played for Wisconsin.”

*Looks at my phone, because I felt the pressure.*

“No looking at your phone that’s cheating” – someone in the back.

The big guy looks and says something along the lines of “get moving.. he obviously doesn’t know”

And the microphone guy says “he runs a sports podcast and doesn’t know”

And everyone kind of starts laughing, drunk as hell. I look even more confused and laugh with them.. and walk away..

Well I walked another fifteen steps and went to my tent, I do a little research and find out who it was…Ryan Ramczyk…  I mean… C’mon a lineman?

Maybe… just maybe.. I should have remembered this. He is one of the best- young lineman in the NFL.

While walking up to him again I apologized and asked for a picture… he looks up and says sure.. You could tell he was not to happy. Well I get it, you’re in the middle of off-season and people are asking for pictures. Sorry that I didn’t remember your name big fella.

Joking around I said “At least you gave me a topic for my next podcast” and he chuckles and says “I guess”…

But he signed the Pro Sports Extra flag and took a picture with me, regardless of the people around him telling him not to seeing I “didn’t know him”.  So I guess.. Thanks big fella.

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