The NHL 20 Beta Is Here, and Here’s Why You Should Check It Out

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If you’ve been eager to hit the ice with a new NHL game – but didn’t want to necessarily wait for the new season to start in a couple of months – we’ve got some good news.

Electronic Arts has launched a new beta for the forthcoming NHL 20 for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. And what’s more, it’s free for everyone to play between now and July 31. That means you’ve got a few days to hit the ice and enjoy what it has to offer!

With the beta, fans will be able to check out the World of CHEL for the first time, as well as the all-new Eliminator mode. “The Beta is a great opportunity for you to get hands-on with some of the features you’ll experience in the full game when the same launches worldwide on September 13, 2019. This is also your chance to give the EA SPORTS NHL team feedback on anything you’d like to see improved. Keep reading to find out how to enjoy everything the NHL 20 Open Beta has to offer,” the company noted in its blog post.

Regarding Eliminator: “Inspired by the winner-take-all competition in battle royale, Eliminator is a new way to compete in NHL ONES and NHL THREES that pits 81 players against each other in a survival tournament bracket to be crowned the ultimate winner. Compete solo in ONES Eliminator, or squad up with friends in THREES Eliminator as you attempt to win four back-to-back elimination rounds against increasingly competitive opponents for ultimate bragging rights.” It sounds like a great mode.

Then there’s the World of CHEL: “an environment hosting new and returning game modes that work together in a unified progression system centered around the EA SPORTS Hockey League (EASHL). World of CHEL brings back outdoor rinks sets in spectacular landscapes that you will get to explore during the Beta.”

The beta can be found respectively on the Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Store. Hurry, you’ve only got a few days left! And if you miss out, don’t worry. The full game drops on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One starting on September 13!

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