The NFL Sunday Ticket Is Going Extinct

Direct TV’s NFL Sunday Ticket has been around since 1994 that’s longer than a lot of players in the league today have been alive. The NFL Sunday Ticket is home to all NFL games that are played on Sunday during the daytime window. A service for fans of out of market teams like myself, I live in Baltimore but I’m a die hard Packers fan so I’ve been a Sunday Ticket user for years. Back in 2015 my family got Direct TV so the Ticket came free but since 2016 I’ve been paying for it with a student discount. That’s very important because without the student discount I would not even think about subscribing. The regular prices for the stand alone packages are absolutely insane, word to Gwen Stefani they’re bananas. The TO GO package is $293.96 ($73.49 per month for 4 months) and the MAX package is a whopping $395.99($99 per month for 4 months). The difference between the packages is that the MAX comes with the Red Zone Channel and the Direct TV Fantasy Zone. The student price is $100 so that’s where you can find me. With so many different illegal streaming sites I still can’t believe I give them money every season but I can’t help it. Every year I ask myself how can they make these prices cheaper?

For starters they could come up with team packages where you can strictly pay to see only your favorite out of market team. If you like multiple teams or players you should get up to 5 teams on your ticket for an adjusted price. Outside of fantasy football players who is really flicking back between 12 different games? The Sunday Ticket has become obsolete due to pricing and the different streaming outlets the NFL has partnered with. Specifically Amazon who has the rights to Thursday Night Football. Amazon could buy the rights ton the games when the Direct TV deal is up after the 2022 season. Even if Amazon can revamp the Ticket for a cheaper price will that be enough to bring new life and new money?


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