The Next NBA Franchise Could Be In Seattle or Vegas

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The Seattle Supersonics may be on the comeback as the NBA looks for expansion to help recover from the money lost during the pandemic. Adam Silver is expected to let cities bid when an expansion becomes available and Vegas and Seattle are expected to be in on it. Although it would be exciting for the NBA to see other cities get franchises, this change wouldn’t happen to at least a couple more years considering everything needs to be worked out. Recently Las Vegas acquired the Raider brand from Oakland and now they’re getting into the basketball world.

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan even spoke out when asked about a possible NBA franchise coming to Seattle.

“I was honest with him. He knows Seattle wants to be at the front of the line. We’re where the team should be. But we will be respecting them as they move forward to their ownership because the [owners], you know, [have] to approve it,”

Said Durkan.

She is well aware the expansion could take another couple years.

“I think it’s real. But I think again, the commissioner is going to consult the ownership, and the ownership for the first time itself is being very public that they think [expansion] is probably a good idea for basketball,” She added.

Keep an eye out on Las Vegas or Seattle on the next possible NBA franchise!

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