The Next Big Thing in Horse Racing

Horse racing has evolved compared to the early days, but the sport as a whole has remained largely the same, from the way the races take place to the way punters bet on the sport. But more recently, horse racing has taken on new innovations that could change the way fans enjoy the sport. Here are some of the newest changes to horse racing. 

The Best in Sports Science

It seems that each year there are new frontiers being met in the horse racing industry as new sports science techniques are integrated into training routines. Young horses at Kingswood Stud in Berkshire are being exposed to the unique Kurtsystems training method which sees the animals hooked up to unique contraptions to prepare their muscles, tendons and ligaments to the rigours of the track, making them stronger and more agile. Likewise, in two stables in Newmarket, the equipment provides equine-specific spas, a sea walker and artificial surface gallops that allow the horses to undergo strength training and recuperate effectively. 

Using Tech to Heal

Technology isn’t just used to train the horses, it’s also playing a role in monitoring their health and healing injuries too It’s now possible to fit horses with endoscopes for a greater ability to monitor issues and to identify the causes of problems such as lameness or musculoskeletal issues. It’s even been reported that 3D printing is being used to create casts, splints and prosthetics for horses. Technology is also being used to gather data about the animals too, to monitor gait, stride and acceleration that will help in races in terms of analysing how a horse may perform on certain tracks or during different races. 

Betting Innovations

For as long as horse racing has been a spectator sport, there has been an affiliation with gambling and wagering on horse racing results today has been significantly improved by technology. Punters can now bet from home, on the go or even on their lunchbreak, as well as making use of in-play betting to bet as the races are taking place. Major events are even being broadcast in virtual reality across the world so that fans won’t miss a meeting, irrespective of where they are. Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are also changing the landscape of betting on horse racing, making it a wholly digital event that is more secure, faster and much more efficient. 

Further Changes to Horse Racing

It may sound as though horse racing has already become high tech, but there are more changes afoot for this sport. For example, in Australia, a team of scientists successfully shod a racehorse with the first ever pair of titanium shoes that were created using 3D printing technology. Likewise, scientists are becoming more involved in the breeding process as it’s known that a mature colt or filly will typically outperform those born later in the year but in the same age bracket. Recent design innovations have produced masks that trigger earlier breeding times in mares by affecting their melatonin levels.

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