The New York Yankees Are The Most Average Team Ever

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With baseball’s “Hot Stove” heating up more and more with each day one team remains quiet as they sit on their hands. The New York Yankees as usual are in the exact right place to land all of these major Free Agents but so far haven’t done much of anything.

This free agency class was loaded with generational talent at the shortstop position, (one where the Yankees could use the help), but sadly the team hasn’t done much of shit.

The Yankees have lost out on All-Star shortstop, Corey Seager, Marcus Semien, and even lost the bidding war for tenured starting pitcher Justin Verlander.

Now Carlos Correa is apparently still a viable option for the Yankees and personally it would kill me to see him in pinstripes. However, that’s just what the Yankees do. They stay losers and refuse to ever develop their own talent and assume money can fix it all. Only problem here is, the organization isn’t spending nearly enough money to keep their head above water.

This team remains as average as can be. They still think they can be what they were in the 90s and that just can’t happen. They remain the butt of every joke as Brian Cashman still is the worst GM in all of baseball.

The Yankees knew they fucked up when they let go of Joe Girardi, and his curse still lingers around.

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