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The New York Jets need to trade Jamal Adams.

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Is the Jamal Adams Saga about to come to an end?

The trade request Jamal Adams issued to his current team was brushed off as a disgruntled player that the team thought they could control once the season started.

Although Jamal Adams has publicly stated that he would report to training camp, it is going to be very awkward once he talks to New York Jets head coach Adam Gase and General Manager Joe Douglas.

Adams put both on blast by questioning the head coaches’ leadership ability. The example Adams used did not paint a pretty picture as he accused the Jets head man of allowing other coaches to address the team when games went sour. It almost seems as if Gase does not like confrontation.

If this is true, the Jets had to be enamored with his coaching ideology rather than his personal skills in order for him to have landed this job. I hate to say it but a lot of people are good at designing plays but are terrible leaders. Those kinds of coaches are usually stuck as coordinators.

His words towards the Jets’ new general manager Joe Douglas might be the ticket out of New York. Douglas publicly stated that he wanted Adams to be a Jet for life but is contradicted by Adams who still lacks an offer from the team.

General Manager Joe Douglas has now told Adams and his camp that he is open to trading the star safety if the right deal presents itself before the season. Quite a turnaround from the rookie general manager.

If you have a young All-Pro that is willing to do a deal, you extend him without hesitation. There were whispers around the league that the pandemic could have an impact with contracts moving forward but that notion was debunked when the Kansas City Chiefs went bonkers with both quarterback Patrick Mahomes and Defensive tackle Chris Jones.

It is also interesting that Mahomes and Adams were in the same draft class so extending a player with rookie money still left on their deal is not an excuse. If anything, it is a blessing with the Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescot showing the NFL how to not handle a contract situation.

Pandemic or not, the NFL and their new television deal are only going to allow the salary cap to rise substantially. If the Jets have no intention of keeping Jamal Adams, a trade needs to materialize before this player brings more turmoil to a locker room that is already devoid of stars.

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