The New York Jets Football Season Has Been so Bad They Made a Commercial Out of It. All Jet Fans Need FORGETITOL #JetsNation

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The Jets have started off the 2020 NFL Season 0-4 not unexpected but still disappointing to say the least. They have been so bad a matter of fact that a ‘fake’ commercial was made for them that debut on FOX NFL Sunday. I guess this serves as an important message to Jet fans. I know the Jets just stand for the acronym Just End It and the season is only four weeks old but it is already safe to eliminate the Jets from the playoff race, trust me.

I think I would need a lot of FORGETITOL to forget about the Jets they have haunted me for so long that it actually was refreshing to watch Sunday football and knowing the Jets couldn’t lose because they already played on Thursday. I hate the Jets and I hate being a fan so this was a good commercial and made me laugh. It really is a rough life and time in an time out the Jets will always be the butt of the conversation.

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