The New March Madness Scheduling is Complete Lunacy

March Madness officially announced there schedule for this years tournament today, and there were some major shakeups to say the least. Check it out.

Does that bring you as much pain as it brings me? In case you didn’t notice, the first four is on Thursday, and then the round of 64 is played on Friday and Saturday. Following this the second round is played on Sunday and Monday. Does that not make you wanna gag yourself? Bleh. Completely disgusting. Round of 64 on a Saturday my ass.

2020 would have been an all-time Madness year had they kept the old schedule too. Think about it, everyone is doing school and work from home — the perfect setup for sports to be on all day! Instead, you rob the entire world of a day of no productivity and slacking off from their jobs. I don’t need the round of 64 on a Saturday, I need it on Thursday! Someone get a going on this ASAP.

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