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The New Guy


All right Pro Sports Extra world, there’s a new guy in town. I’m loud, abrasive, extremely sarcastic but I really know my shit. The name is Johnny B and yeah, I know that’s not exactly “grown up” but hey, I’m a 30 year old bartender who massively underachieved so far in life, well at least that is what the relatives say. A little more back story: I’m from upstate New York. My teams are the Mets, Jets, Rangers, Knicks, and Notre Dame. Currently living in the south I love SEC football and pretty much all of college football except Bama and THE Ohio State. I’m definitely you’re typical 2nd team in New York fan where I am hypercritical of the Mets, and Jets. All they really do is lose in tremendous fashion and have been breaking my heart for 30 years. Also, I was Allstate in Football and Baseball, yeah humble brag, but not really because it was New York High School Sports (which is right above Maine High School sports). I’ll be the typical loud mouthed New Yorker sprinkling in some southern football charm. Always jump on my college football gambling train, each year I’m around 60%, but always and I mean always fade my NFL picks because it can be a real blood bath.


So yeah this post won’t probably get a bunch of hits and I’m sure advertisers won’t be knocking down the door from a background piece from some wannabe sports writing asshole in Sarasota, Florida. I just wanted you readers to have a baseline reading of where the fuck I come from and if I come across like a dickhead, hey you were warned! With those snarky comments aside I really look forward to working with the guys from they seem to know their shit, and I will bust my ass to write some real insight albeit smart ass sport stories for y’all.


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