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The New England Patriots Have Revealed Their New Uniforms and They Are Gorgeous

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Oof, probably can’t use that gif anymore. Anyway the new uniforms are hear and they are beautiful. The color rush uniforms that debuted in 2016 become the home blues and the same model is used for the away whites.

I am slightly disappointed they are sticking with the silver helmet. I wrote about a fan’s mock up a few weeks ago that used white helmets and I loved the look. A white helmet would also open the door for Pat the Patriot throwbacks to make an appearance since the NFL has their stupid one helmet rule. However, it leaves the door open for a possible return of these bad boys

The Internet lied to me about the Patriots wearing their '90s ...

Lord have mercy.

The socks are not the strongest in my opinion. They’re fine, but I loved the white with three blue stripes we’ve seen them wear with blue pants all these years. These socks are a bit uninspiring.

But, nevertheless, I love these uniforms. Classy and stylish with a dash of throwback in the the traditional shoulder stripes. The team did not reveal a third jersey option, although I wouldn’t be shocked to see a red jersey at some point down the line. Hopefully with white pants that they can then mix and match with all three jerseys. Good job, Pats, you didn’t screw this up like Atlanta.

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