The Nets New Big 3 is Taking The NBA By Storm

Kyrie Irving fresh out of coming off the NBA health and safety protocol joins his co-stars Kevin Durant and James Harden in their first game together as the Nets new Big Three and they cant even beat the Cavs.

Now I understand it is there first game together but the fact that they are already the self proclaimed NBA Champs I would think most of the NBA Twitter community would agree this triplet pairing is not going to work out.

They are not going to work out meaning they are not going to win an NBA Championship this year and I would think someone out of this faction is going to get disgruntled and it will either result in Steve Nash being fired or one of the three asking to be trade (most likely Kyrie Irving). I do not see this clown organization working out.

I am honestly wasting my time writing this article on the bum Nets but I think it is very funny that they mortgaged their future on James Harden who very soon is going to get lost in a New York strip club and the Nets will not hear from him for a week


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