The NBA Is Softer Than Baby Shit After Giving Luka Doncic A Technical After Calling Terance Mann “Small” #MFFL

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Luka Doncic is the Eastern European savior the Mavericks so desperately need. In his 4 year career the Mavs and the LA Little Brothers have formed a pretty strong rivalry. Even though the Mavs have been on the wrong side of the aisle in this battle it was awesome to see Luka bitch around the Clip Show last night.

During the game Doncic reported to Terance Mann that he was, “too small”. After this the NBA decided it was worthy of a technical foul. The best part however is Luka don’t give a MOTHERFUCK.

After getting t’ed up Doncic then told Mann, “I don’t give a fuck.” Just the absolute best thing you can tell someone after you make them your bitch.

Many people across the internet also agree with the sentiment that the NBA is soft as fuck and Luka Legend is something noone wants to mess with. Especially with Kristaps being a fucking monster in the paint finally.

It really doesn’t make sense on how sports across the world have eliminated making someone feel bad for sucking. If I suck at a sport and get bitched, I want you to tell me I’m bad so I don’t make the same fucking mistake again. From the NFL, NBA, and MLB the creativity to the players is crazily shoved deep down all because of ratings.

Fuck all the major sports leagues, and lets ride with the Lingerie Football League.

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