The NBA Bubble Just Gets Better and Better

The NBA bubble has gotten off to a rough start. Players complaining about food, inviting girls in, and leaving the bubble to pick up Uber Eats. They are having a hard time following the rules. Now there is a snitch in the bubble!

The interesting part about all of this is we have no idea which players have been snitching. The name everyone seems to automatically go to is Chris Paul but Shams said it was multiple tips so no one knows outside of Shams and probably Woj, but he is still suspended by ESPN #FreeWoj by the way. We need to find out who has been snitching! Please Shams tell us!! What makes this even funnier is that it was reported yesterday that no player has used the “snitch hotline.”

A lot can change in a day, one thing is for certain the NBA Bubble has had a lot of drama and it’s been entertaining as hell to see it all unfold!

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