The Naked Now: Chelsea Green and Three WWE Superstars Who Must Do OnlyFans

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The WWE has released its usual slew of Superstars following WrestleMania and it’s time to look at four female Superstars who need to open OnlyFans accounts and go “all-in” if you will rather than teasing fans with body paint like former WWE Superstar Zelina Vega (aka Thea Trinidad).

Obviously, it’s these four ladies’ decision whether they want OnlyFans to back up the Brinks truck for showing some skin, but just imagine how much money each Superstar could bring in. You’ll undoubtedly recall how WWE Hall of Famer Sunny (aka Tammy “Can’t Understand Normal Thinking” Sytch) made six figures a month on OnlyFans off a body that can only be described as beat-up more than Kairi Sane after a Nia Jax match.

Note: In the interest of journalistic transparency, I haven’t had a chance to see if any of these ladies have opened an OnlyFans account but I imagine their 90-day no-compete clause with the WWE would keep them from going au natural.

Peyton Royce: One half of the former WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship tandem, the IIconics, this awesome Aussie has teased fans with topless shots so why not ditch the clothes down under?

Billie Kaye: Peyton’s bawdy partner-in-crime could do well for herself, but even better if her real-life BFF Peyton joins her for special sessions.

Mickie James: Mickie James is a WWE Superstar who had a certain shall we say, zest for living before she entered Titanland and while she’s 41, she’s still sexy AF. A Mickie OnlyFans that featured some of her best body shots from then and now could appeal to a variety of horndog fans.

Chelsea Green is the talk of the town with her recent comments concerning Barstool Sports. Why not double down and hit up OnlyFans for some quick cash too?

While seeing these sirens show up on OnlyFans may be a pipe dream, who wouldn’t want to see one or more of these former WWE Superstars give fans a life-changing experience and help themselves while they plan their post-WWE future.

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