The Most Awkward But Satisfying Beer Videos Of All Time | @DanaBeers_ @UncleMikesPub

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Please watch these videos what a crazy group of wack pack individuals

Everyones favorite degenerate drunk Dana Beers (when I say degenerate I am using that as a term of endearment) might of found his own group of Wack Packers. Yes just how Howard Stern has his group of Wack Packers Dana found his pack which is full of crazy drinkers that fit right in with him. I mean this video is like watching a train wreck you want to look away but you cannot. Also extremely awkward.

There is also so much going on in this video I cannot focus on one thing that is why you need to watch this video a hundred times because you will miss something I am serious. Whatever Uncle Mikes Pub is it has to be in Florida if I was a gambling man this place is just wild. Dana needs to get in touch with these people and film some type of content it would be an electric factory. I am still unsure what I just watched but I know for certain it was crazy.

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