The Mental Midget that is Eric E-Bum

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I’m not usually a big fan of hating on players, let alone tweeting at them, but this fool ‘Eric’ Ebron deserves it all. Before we get into how shitty of a football player he is, let’s begin with how shitty he is as a person. Let me take you back to 2017 when I worked for the brand called Arsenic (@Arsenic on IG). Long story short, they are pretty much the wannabe of MAXIM and we worked every day out of the CEO’s mansion in the Hollywood Hills while half naked models did photo shoots right in front of our faces. 

We would schedule filming content with IG models, celebrities, influencers, and pro athletes. One event we had was Go-Karting with IG models and NFL players, and it was Todd Gurley & ‘Eric’ E-Drop Ebron who showed up. As a huge football and Lions fan myself, I was super excited. Soon after they showed up to the mansion I introduced myself. Todd was the nicest and most respectful dude ever, he even offered to shake my hand and asked who I was before I did. On the other hand, ‘Eric’ was a complete piece of shit. At the time I knew that he hadn’t played well for the Lions and a lot of fans were hating on him, but I still had some hope for him and was rooting for him. So I said wassup, that I’m a huge Lions fan, offered him a hand-shake and immediately after I said that he gave me the stankiest face ever as if I was a piece of shit or something. One of the rudest interactions not only with a pro-athlete but with anyone in general. Also don’t forget that immediately after this, he went Go-Karting with a bunch of 18-22 year old girls (Don’t tell his wife! lmao)

Anyways, now let’s get to ‘Eric’ ShitBron the football player. I was a fan at first, like everyone else. He was a monster at UNC, especially against my alma-mater Miami Hurricanes, and when he was drafted it seemed like he was the next big-time athletic tight end, similar to Vernon Davis. Well, it couldn’t have ended up further than the opposite. Yeah sure he’s athletic, but he’s a mental midget with stone hands. He’s so pathetic and insecure that whenever anyone says anything negative about him he whines and cries like a little bitch. He’s a complete embarrassment to have on your football team. Yeah he might get garbage-time touchdowns that fill up the statsheet, but he’ll constantly let you down in more ways than one. He also can’t block for shit. It’s been about 3 years since he’s been on the Lions and he still argues on twitter with Detroit fans, as the insecure loser he is. So, Good Luck Steeler fans! There’s a reason why he quit half-way through the season last year with the Colts….he’s a soft ass bitch.

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