The Masters

The most prestigious tournament in all of sports is finally here again, it has by far the most impact on golf today.   The Masters is the only golf tournament that does not rotate venues year in year out.  It also is the most beautifully laid out course in all of golf.

This year will have the one and only Tiger Woods back in the field which means it could be the biggest crowds ever in a golf event.  Not only is Tiger playing, but at one point he was the betting favorite going in.

This week during the practice rounds one of the top groups will be Tiger and Phil Mickelson.  They are both past their prime by age but by far still two of the most popular guys on tour and biggest draws in the game.  Between them, they have seven yes SEVEN green jackets.  If you do not follow golf that is what is handed out to the winner of the tournament.

All the young names in golf have emerged over the years like Spieth, Fowler, Thomas, Johnson, and Day, but none of them have the crowd draw or the charisma of either Tiger or Phil.  With all the young names being in the field this year that will help bring the new fans to the game, but Tiger will bring the crowds that astonish and amaze as you see people follow him and roar with every shot he takes.

The Masters is one of the most elite places on the planet considering it was one of the last courses to ever allow a black person as a member or to play on its course too just a couple years ago finally letting women join as well.  Surprisingly though with all the fame the course as got they keep all their food reasonably priced from when they first opened not trying to profit off the spectators which is always awesome everyone hates spending an arm and a leg at sporting events.


Amen corner the most famous holes in all of golf and the most beautiful was coined by Herbert Warren back in 1958.  It starts with the 11th a par 4 505 yard hole that is guarded with water on the left.  The 12th par 3 155 yard hole is golf’s most famous hole, I know sounds like an easier hole with only being 155 yards but its stuck in the area with swirling winds so never know how the ball is going to fly off the tee on the way to the hole and has Ray’s creek sitting there waiting to swallow your ball.  Just ask Jordan Spieth who sank two in the water on this hole when having a commanding lead and lost the tournament.

The closing hole is the short par 5 13th at 510 yards.  This is a hole the players have to think about going for it on second shot for chances at eagle.  The only problem is the creek that divides the green and the fairway which has led to the most gripping moments at the masters.  The highest score ever on this hole is a 13 back in 1980.


This year has the players to draw the crowds and television audiences, but if you have never watched The Masters don’t just watch for the players enjoy the beauty that is Augusta National I promise you’ll come back.




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