The Masters Wasn’t the Only Thing Dustin Johnson Won

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I’m sure many of you heard the news that broke the sports world 17 months ago at the Augusta National Golf Course when Tiger Woods made his historic comeback Masters win. It was a win for the ages and the entire golf world was waiting to see Tiger defend his title, but then Covid-19 struck. We waited and waited for the Masters to return…and boy was it well worth it.

Wayne Gretzky. Ever heard of him? Yeah well his daughter is an absolute smoke show, Paulina, and she’s married to the number 1 golfer in the world, Dustin Johnson. Right after DJ wins, Paulina greets him on the 18th green and it looked like things started to get a little frisky a little too early.

Pretty obvious here that Dustin was ready to sign the score card and get home as soon as possible to celebrate the win with her. Paulina is known for her modeling and how beautiful a woman can be, and now throughout the golf world she has caught the eyes of many different people. I think it’s safe to say that Dustin Johnson is living a great life on and off the golf course. For those that don’t golf, you might even know who Dustin Johnson is because his name is slandered with the use of Cocaine. Back in the day, DJ liked to party like a Rockstar and forget that he was competing to become the number 1 golfer in the world. Due to DJ’s reckless party days, you may now hear the phrase “let’s rip a couple Dustin Johnson’s” which is where that all originated from. The joke going around is that DJ ripped a few Dustin Johnson’s before the round which is why he shot so well, but obviously that isn’t true. He is recovered now but the jokes still stick with him and his reputation as well.

Dustin was lucky enough to have his first ever Masters win when Tiger has won the year prior. Having the greatest golfer of all time, the guy that gave you the reason to play golf, your role model, put the green jacket on you is something that he will never forget. Dustin shot a Masters record score of 20 under par, something that has never happened here before. DJ broke a lot of records this weekend and to be able to share the moment with Tiger Woods is an astonishing feeling.

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Jonathan Garner

Junior at Grand Valley State University Sport Management Major

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