THE Mandalorian’ Episode 2

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Episode 2… SPOILERS DUH!

The Child and the Mandalorian are still on the Planet Arvala-7. While walking back to the ship with the floating pod, there is a sense of anticipation. The Mandalorian can sense something.

It is then, they are ambushed by a ambushed by Trandoshan bounty hunters. He is easily able to fends them off, three against one, while keeping baby Yoda at a safe distance. He even manages to disintegrate one who goes after the youngster to dust. The Mandalorian is not one to mess with!
It is after the fight, we begin to see the possibility and ultimate power of Baby Yoda.
As the Mandalorian mends his wounds (repairs his armor) by campfire light. ‘The Child” looks on; he is VERY observant. He even tries to approach the Mandalorian on multiple occasions with it’s arm outstretched as if to help or heal the Mandalorian. The Mandalorian looking at ” a child” imediattly puts the baby back in the pod. It is a minute long cute moment as the “Child” tries to help his protector but is quickly put back into place … It is then, The Mandalorian closes the floating crib door before continuing their journey together the following day.

During the time the Mandalorian has been with the child,, Jawas have begun scavenging from the Mandalorian’s ship, the Razor Crest.
The Mandalorian takes a few of the desert dwellers out—disintegrating any Jawa in his path, while scaring the rest off into their SandCrawler. He tries to disable this monstrous vehicle but barely puts a dent in it before making the decision to board. The Jawas inside, scramble their defenses in one of the funniest battles. The Mandalorian tries to scale the roving fortress while Jawas poke, prod, zap, and throw things at him. Eventually, he is able to board the Crawler only to awaited by a dozen or so Jawas. It’s upon that moment, they zap him together. He falls to the ground… Unconscious, “the Child” watches on. Following the Mandalorian the whole time from the ground… Now, we wait…

Back at the Razor Crest, The Mandalorian surveys the damage; it’s extensive. Only knowing one other person, He wanders back to the Kuiil with a sleeping “Child” along for the journey, introducing the two to each other. Kuill suggests trading with the Jawa; he’ll make the introductions.
Meanwhile, while this is taking place, we get to see “THE CHILD” eat a frog creature swallowing it whole like Jabba the Hutt.

Back at the Jawa’s sandcrawler, the Kuiil strongly suggests the Mandalorian drops his weapons or he won’t get his ship’s parts back. A round of negotiations are had until a Jawa insults the Mandalorian and in retaliation fires back with his flamethrower. Almost killing everyone in his sight! After another round of heated discussions, it is finally decided… Since “The Child” and the Beskar steel are off the table for trades, they want “The Egg.”

After a quick weapons check, and a word from Kuill! Who has spoken, it’s into a cave for the Mandalorian. It is soon a battle for which he was not anticipating. Soon, he is thrown back out of the cave for a brutal battle against a massive horned beast.
The Mandalorian gets the floor swept with his body. The constant barrage against him and the shots are too much for the Mandalorian… In a last ditch effort, he drops to his KNEES AND PULLS OUT THIS SMALL KNIFE.. HE IS ABOUT TO BE KILLED. Then… THE SHIT GETS CRAZY! “The Child” uses the FUCKING FORCE and levitates the creature into the air before it can gore the Mandalorian to death. The Mandalorian finishes the animal off with a simple knife stab to the head. It’s then we see the power of “The Child” stop… It is exhausted….

The Mandalorian walks up to make a trade right before the Jawas decide to leave for they thought the Mandalorian was dead… They make the trade.. Now, this egg, has NO SPECIAL POWERS.. ALL they wanted was the “SUCA”! aka THE YOLK.. Yup, just feasting on this yellow yolk from the egg.
While the Blurrg tows the junk barge packed with parts back to the Razor Crest, The Mandalorian explains “the childs” power…

Once they fix the ship (in a montage!), the Mandalorian offers to pay Kuiil for his help or to hire him onboard as his crew, but the he refuses. He says that not only was the Mandalorian his guest, but that he had worked too long to be free from any sort of bondage; he thanks the Mandalorian for bringing peace to the valley, wishes him well and that because the child survives, it gives him a worthy blessing. “HE HAS SPOKEN…”

With that, the Mandalorian takes off into space…

Episode 2! IN THE BOOKS!
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