The Lions Just Got Embarrassed In Front Of The World

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The Lions came into this game, the Lions were missing five coaches. Including interim head coach Darrell Bevell, wide receivers coach Robert Prince served as the head coach for this game. Add that to a defense that has struggled all year, this is the result you will get.

This game was a complete and utter embarrassment. The Lions got spanked from the start and never stood a chance. The Lions were one point away from tying the most points they have ever given up. Plus, the Lions gave up the most yards in a game in franchise history, 558. Disgraceful. Tom Brady didn’t even play in the second half, that’s how out of control this game was. But in the first half, Brady tore this defense up, throwing for 348 yards and four touchdowns.

This Lions defense may be worse than the 2008 defense. You know the team that went 0-16? Yeah, that team.

For how bad the defense was, the offense was just as bad. Matthew Stafford started the game, but hurt his ankle early. Stafford never returned and Chase Daniel came into the game. The Lions finished with 186 total yards and didn’t get the ball past the 50-yard line until 14:16 left in the game. The only score of the day for the Lions was because of this punt return by Jamal Agnew.

Thanks to that play, the Lions avoided a second shutout this season. This was on of the worst Lions game I have ever seen. That says a lot, I have seen some bad ones. Cue the depressing music.

Luckily, we only have one more week of watching this team! I have never wanted a season to end faster. Thanks to Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia, the Lions have to go into a full rebuild. To whoever the next coach and general manager is, good luck. You’ll need all the luck because this team STINKS.

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