The Legendary Voice Actor Of Team Fortress 2’s Soldier, Rick May, Passed Due to COVID-19

I played TF2 for the longest time. I can openly admit I got it when it became free to play back in 2011 but it dominated my high school years. I would play it on the shittiest laptop known to man but would still run as perfect as perfect can get. I would fuck around on lobbies where we did nothing but kill each other, spam emotes, and play music over out shitty in-game speakers. And the Soldier was one of my favorite classes. Many parts in thanks to rocket jumping and the voice of Rick May. It was confirmed in a Facebook post from a close friend of May’s that he indeed passed due to COVID-19.

May brought so much life into the psychotic and patriotic Soldier, from his signature screams to the catchphrases. TF2 is well known for its hilariously brutal lines and the Soldier had some of the best. His wheeze laugh was flat out contagious.

This year sucks so much man. We’ve lost so many icons to COVID. There has tons of support for May and his family during this time. There’s even a sticky thread on /v/ on 4chan to honor him. If you have it, boot up TF2 and play a round with Soldier. If you haven’t played it yet, download it. It’s free, runs on toasters, and an all time classic FPS. Rick May would be proud. Rest in power king.

“You were good son, real good. Maybe even the best.”

Fun fact: Soldier’s scream at 12:24 wasn’t voiced by May. It was voiced Nolan North, widely recognized as the VA of Nathaniel Drake from the Uncharted series. May had throat cancer at the time but he could still voice most of the lines, besides the screaming.

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