The Latest Technology Changing the NFL


“A football used in the NFL”

The NFL has always been a league that has embraced technology and used it as an advantage where possible. This is constantly developed, meaning we are seeing more new things come into the league on a regular basis, most of which improves the experience for fans watching from home. Players and teams are also involved with wearable technology, but in terms of what fans see, this is all about better cameras, more in-depth coverage, and more to get excited about from home.

Watching the NFL from home has never been easier, or been as good, as it is right now. Smartphones are a big part of that, and they now come with better screens plus the imminent arrival of 5G technology. With this, and additional providers covering the games, the NFL is doing all it can with live technology. Other industries, including online casino, film, and music sectors have taken note of the power of live streaming. Online casinos are utilizing this technology in the form of live casino options The games take place in studios, with real-life dealers being filmed as the game progresses, with casinos such as 888 Casino offering a wide selection of games. In film, there is an abundance of streaming services, from YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video, and Disney+. The music industry has also changed with some concerts taking place entirely online. 

This technology is all about immersion, so better screens on smartphones and 5G speeds are crucial for success. The above examples in the entertainment industry have a simple aim: to make players feel involved and give them a great experience, the exact same as what the NFL is aiming to bring every single season to fans of the league.

The Latest Camera Technology in the NFL

When you are watching from home, everything about the game is dictated by the camera filming the action. The quality needs to be crystal clear, the angles it shows need to put the game in the best possible light, and of course, the people controlling the cameras need to be highly skilled.

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“Cameras capturing the action for viewers at home”

Again, there is a mobile aspect here because it seems only a matter of time before all phones come as standard with a 4k ready screen, and eventually an 8k ready screen over the next few years. The cameras used are going to be set up perfectly to display on these screens, and even though they are smaller when compared to TVs, they are still going to offer an excellent platform for fans to watch games.

In the 2021 NFL playoffs, broadcaster FOX Sports used brand new 8K camera technology to show us parts of the game, SBNation reported. The picture looked so good that it was described as being like watching a video game, rather than a real-life game taking place on the field. Given that the NFL likes to continue to push forward and push the boundaries, it would be no surprise to see this expanded when we get to the 2022 playoffs, so we see more of the same across other games.

While those who are in the stadium are getting a great real-life experience, people at home are getting the best pictures and the best angles of the game. The NFL is a hugely popular sport

, with a global appeal, and many people who watch do not live close enough to the stadium to go, even if they wanted to. With home viewing so popular, the NFL needs to keep these fans in mind. Moving forward with how games are shot, what cameras are used, and how good they are shows that the league values this and wants to get it as good as it can possibly be.

Wearable Tech Making Strides in the NFL

It’s not just for the fans where the NFL is improving thanks to technology, this is also something that teams and players are taking advantage of. This is in the form of wearable technology, which is going to help players and teams understand more about what happens on the pitch, and why players are performing the way they are.

This is much more than the quarterbacks wearing a helmet with a headset built-in so they can communicate with the bench. This is about RFID tracking, which can be used for performance analysis to see where players have been on the pitch, the amount of time they have been active, and ultimately, this can be used to better work out more about their performance on the field.

Games in the NFL are often won and lost by very small margins, and with so many coaches per team, there is the need to go in-depth and find every little aspect where things could be improved. For example, wearable technology can track things such as the speed players are running at. If a coach is looking at their defensive players, and how quick they are to try and sack a quarterback, the technology could be used to see their speed and see if they need to work on that. The data received could also be used when major injuries occur on the field, such as the recent Saquon Barkley injury, to gauge exactly how fast he was going and how long he had been moving before the impact.

The technology can also be used to look after players away from the field. Monitors for heart rate, calories burned and even sleeping hours can all be worn by players to see how they are in the build-up to a game. With teams facing short weeks from time to time, one of the most important aspects of managing is analyzing player recovery from the previous game. 

As more focus goes onto player health and how they are handled by their teams, technological advancements like this could come at just the right time for the NFL to show how much it cares. Fans at home will be interested in the new and exciting ways they can watch games, but alongside this, technology for teams and players alike is also going to be a great addition to the NFL.

One thing that does seem certain is that the league will continue to invest in technology and get better in all areas, something that has been pushing for many years.

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