The Lakers 2020 Championship Is So Awkward, ‘LeBron’ Is A Mental-Midget, & The Post-Coverage of Him Winning A Fourth ‘Ring’ Is Nauseating

I didn’t even watch the final game to win it all for the Lakers because I was on a flight, but to be honest I didn’t care at all that I missed out. I was very entertained by just about all of the play in the bubble, but once the Finals started it definitely lost it’s touch with me and made the bubble feel more like the Summer League. The ECF were awesome, and so were the earlier rounds before those, but the actual Finals were just so awkward and it was clear that some magic was missing.

I regard LeBron as maybe the best athlete of all-time, but he’s a huge mental midget like Eric Ebron. Like was he serious in his post-game interview when he begged for people to respecr him? LMAO.

This dude is clown. He’s so in his so head and it’s so cringe. No one will ever forget his mirror selfie, as well as many other cringeworthy moments

Lakers fans can celebrate their moment. If the Yankees won I’d be happy myself. But if you count this as a real ring then you’re delusional. What’s even more cringe then LeBron is the nonstop coverage of the MJ vs. LeBron debate, especially by ESBS. Like seriously find something else to talk about for once.

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