The Knicks Were Robbed

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How can you end a great game like that? That great battle cannot be determined by free throws it just can’t sure Mitchell Robinson may have fouled James Johnson but you let them play with three seconds to go you’re going to let James Johnson decide the game? Go fuck yourself.

The Knicks and the Nets battled tonight and the Nets ‘won’ 112-110 just a terrible way to decide the game. The Knicks but the Nets through the trenches tonight like they do with a majority of their opponents. But the Nets cannot feel good about this win.

Hopefully after the dust settles, the Knicks can build off of this game. They showed a great amount of fight and really showcased what this new revamped offense can look like with Alec Burks running everything. They played very well down the stretch just have to close out games better.

They have every right to be pissed off and they should they were robbed of at least having a chance to win the game. Cant win the game with 2 seconds inbounding from the other way with no timeouts.

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