The Knicks Might Be The Most Exciting Barely .500 Team Ever

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KNICKSTAPE! I love this team. The Knicks struggle with staying above .500 and after a rocky start to the second half of the season they are back at .500 once again. They fight that is something that you can’t take away from them, Thibs and the rest of the coaching staff have them fighting every night.

It is awesome to see this season that the energy and culture has shifted and that the Knicks look like they are headed on the right track finally. Tonight against the Magic the Knicks were really shorthanded with Elfried Payton, Immanuel Quickly, Derrick Rose, and Mitchell Robinson all being out. But they battled like they do every night. I have a feeling this team will make the playoffs just off of sheer will but I do not want to get ahead of myself.

They are a fun young bunch, that are finding out how to close out games and win. Once they figure that out and put it together they will be a legit playoff threat and I do not think they are that far away.

The Knicks certainly have needs to fill, I would love to see them add a small forward who is a viable starter, I like Reggie Bullock but, he is a great bench piece not a starter. I would like the Knicks to add a big man because with Mitchell Robinson still being out they really only have Julius Randle, Nerlens Noel, Obi Toppin (yuck), and Taj Gibson (who you only really want to see play 10 minutes because he is old). So if they added a good bench piece that would be able to fit this teams mold I would be all for it or Andre Drummond, I don’t really care.

The Knicks clearly need to make a move at the deadline that would move the needle for them and help them reach the playoffs and I am sure the front office is aware of that. I know that the Knicks will continue to play hard every night which is super comforting and that our guys will continue to develop as well. I just hope a move or two is made to help them make that playoff push. We will unfortunately have to wait until next week to see.

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