The Knicks Have Won Their Last Four Out Of Five Games. Don’t Let The Knicks Make The Playoffs.

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Obviously seven games into the season but the Knicks have won their last four out of five games moving to 4-3 on the season beating all playoff teams. This Knicks team is fun and they are competitive the culture is changing and that is so evident. No matter what the Knicks record is at the end of the season if they continue to play hard night in and night out I will be happy with that. This team is very well balanced with veterans and young guns that are hunger and playing together.

Another great game from Julius Randle and RJ Barrett, this Knicks team is fun and you cannot deny that. I am really excited to see how this team plays for the rest of the season. If they are in playoff contention by the trade deadline I would expect the Knicks to be aggressive in trading for a young star player. The future is bright on this Knicks team and they continue to play well.

I am falling in love with this team already and putting my full faith in them which is scary but this team feels different. It is like they have heard all the disrespect from the outside and because of that the culture has shifted. I will admit when I first heard that the Knicks were hiring Tom Thibodeau I was not the biggest fan but right now I love the hire he brings a winning attitude that ensures his team is competitive night in and night out.

The biggest thing is that THE KNICKS ARE FUN AGAIN! (For now check in a week to see how I feel about this team).

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