The Killers Perform “Mr. Brightside” at Halftime as 2020 Takes a Weirder Turn

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The Killers performing their hit ‘Mr. Brightside on a rooftop on top of the Raiders stadium is strange but in the year 2020 it doesn’t have anything on the events that have played out this year. I will readily admit I love ‘Mr. Brightside’ and if you can’t jam out to this song I have means to believe you are a communist and I don’t want to associate with you. Hearing this songs just brings back great memories whether that’s Thursdays nights at the bar in college, or just listening to it while with friends its a certified classic no debate.

Whether or not they are lip-syncing the song really doesn’t matter to me they are on live television so for time sake they are most likely lip-syncing but who cares? This song is a banger and if you don’t agree like I said I don’t want to associate with you. If 2020 wasn’t such a rollercoaster of a ride this would be bizarre but its not because this year has been so nutty. Twitter seems to be spilt on this performance; you either love it or hate, people don’t see to be anywhere in the middle.

Whatever you are on this topic I think we all can agree this was just a pretty bizarre performance whether you love it or hate it. For what its worth this was pretty cool in my opinion. Anyways it started off with a kiss? Am I right?

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