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Is it really a Jets season if you do not experience the 5 stages of Grief? First there is denial, I can’t believe the Jets did not beat the Jaguars, Bills, Bengals, or Dolphins if they did, they could be a playoff team. Two anger, why doesn’t Adam Gase use more of Le’Veon Bell what’s the point of even having him then if you do not give him the ball? Three bargaining, well the Jets aren’t really THAT bad they have only had three starters play every game of the season and have been injury ridden for the better part of the year. Four depression, if Sam Darnold did not miss a month of the season because of mono this team would be in the playoffs. Finally, the fifth stage acceptance they are the goddamn Jets and will always be bad. This is what Jets fans have to endure every year a terrible cycle that never seems to miss a beat. 

After last Sundays’ season finale which was a thrilling 13-6 victory against the B-team Buffalo Bills which featured a backup wide receiver for the Bills playing at cornerback the Jets finished up the season with 7-9 record. Finishing the season 6-2 coming off of their bye week is nothing short of impressive with the rollercoaster year they had, but of course for the Jets it was not good enough to make the playoffs. Sam Darnold continues to give glimpses of hope in what the future could look like for him if the offensive line gives him more than literally two seconds to throw the ball. In a season that started off 1-7 with Darnold being out for three games I accept a 7-9 final record with having the 11th pick in a draft that could potentially have multiple legit number one wide receivers or good offensive lineman.  The Jets have had a lot of ‘feel’ good moments where you can get excited about their future but then immediately you are taken back that they just suck and that they are never going to be good with the Johnson family running everything at the top because they know nothing about football. But like Jets fans are accustomed to hearing year in and year out, there is always next year. Hopefully with better weapons for Sam to utilize and an O-Line that can protect our franchise quarterback. As Colin Cowherd put it on his Twitter; “Sam Darnold overcame mono for a month, franchise dysfunction and perhaps the leagues worst OLine. Great Win.” Could not have said it better myself and hey your daughter is very attractive…but I digress 

Remember Jets fans they are the Goddamn Jets and they probably always will be but hey there is always next year, right? I hope so but at least we have probably the best safety in football, right? And also never forget about the 5 stages of Grief because everything you are feeling is valid, and not matter how intense your emotions might be your still a Jets fan at the end of the day and nothing is really worse than that at least you are not a Browns fan! Hopefully this new decade brings Jets fans something to look forward too! (Probably not but a guy can hope right?) 

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