The Jazz And Clippers Had The Game Of The Year Last Night

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Talk about an awesome game, this game had everything. The Clippers dominated early, the Jazz missed 20 straight shots in the first. The Jazz started the game going 3-of-25 from the field but the Clippers only lead by seven after the first. The Clippers then extended the lead and led by 13 at the half, and that was thanks to Luke Kennard believe it or not. Kennard scored 11 in the first half, finished with 18 points and a team-high four three-pointers made. The Jazz shot 32% overall in the first half and 25% from three. But oh boy, did things sure change in the second half.

Donovan Mitchell took over as Utah came back with a vengeance. Utah outscored the Clippers by 13 in the third quarter. Mitchell went off, scoring four straight baskets to open up the quarter in the third, and never looked back. Mitchell finished the game with 45 points, his fourth 40-point game in the playoffs, tying Karl Malone for most in Jazz history. Malone did that in 193 playoff games, Mitchell in just his 27th playoff game. Kawhi started the game off slow but picked it up in the second finishing with 23/7/3 still an average game for Kawhi’s standards. Now, Paul George on the other hand looked like his typical playoff self, which is simply not good. George was terrible all night outside of his three in crunch time to make it a one-possession game. George finished the game with 20 points but shot 4/17 from the field. Wonder how he can blame it on his coach this time around. Honestly, it’s hilarious to see Paul George play like this. George thinks he is better than he is, and when he consistently underperforms in the playoffs, it’s always someone else’s fault. Pandemic P was back in full force last night.

The Clippers did what they do best, blow a lead and lose. This was without the Jazz having Mike Conley and they still found a way to win despite the awful start. Game two Thursday night at ten, can’t wait.

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