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The Jacobs Family Has Finally Set Up a Fund For TD Garden Employees

Nothing like a week’s worth of public shaming to get your ass in gear. Earlier this week I wrote about how disgusting it is that a man in the top 500 richest people on EARTH won’t help support his hourly employees

that make gameday a pleasant experience for the fan base that pays through the nose to see their favorite hockey team play.

So what changed? Why did Jeremy finally crack? If you think he saw the light or found Jesus or something to this effect

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No no, it just took a god damn government official to put the heat on him with a side serving of public shaming.

Proud of you, Jeremy. After a public GoFundMe, 29 NHL teams (including Calgary, Ottawa, and Florida) pledging to set up funds for their hourly workers, countless tweets asking what the hell you’re doing, and pressure from the government, you’ve done the right thing. Excuse me if I’m not patting you on the back.

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