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Hello world, this is Brian Crespo aka LA CRESPA! Newest member of the Pro Sports Extra team. Born & Raised in Miami, FL and a proud Cuban/Puerto Rican mix. Being from Miami it is only right that I am diehard Dolphins, Heat, and Marlins fan. Damn proud Alumni of Florida State University, and diehard FSU everything fan.

Expect a different style of writing and takes from my blogs and posts. I am sure most are not used to a bilingual male in his mid 20’s giving his take on Sports and life. Buckle up because this is going to be a fun interesting ride. Miami based fans are unlike any other in this world. We are filled with passion, loyalty, and a burning desire for a winner. Luckily for me and the rest of my 305ians we have our Big 3 teams on the rise!

Miami Dolphins, my first real love of all the Miami based franchises. It has been year and years of mediocrity and straight up JAGness (JAG= Just an Average Guy. Used to describe something/someone average) from my Dolphins, but the TIDE IS CHANGING! Coach Flo, the future COTY and our leader is going to bring Lombardi’s back to Miami. I will walk through hell dipped in gasoline for that man. Also, our lefty Hawaiian beauty Tua “TuaMadre” Tagovailoa throwing dimes all over South Beach for the next 15-20 years is going to be a sight to see. If you are not on the raft (in Miami we use rafts not wagons) yet I suggest you hop on!

Miami Heat, our most dominant franchise led by The Godfather, the OG, the Don Pat Riley will always be in a position to win. I love everything from the top of the organization to the very bottom. You know what it is? Its called CULTURE

. If you dont have some Culture come and get yourself some in Miami, because we want it all baby. Fresh off a finals appearance, you know that Poppa Pat, Daddy Spo, and Jimmy “El Perro” Butler want blood.

Miami Marlins, the Bottom Feeders are on the rise baby. The amount of young talent coming through this franchise is unreal, and if you don’t know about it you better get caught up quickly! Jeter is changing the culture down here and I guarantee you, The Miami Marlins will be hoisting a World Series Trophy in the next 5 years. Donny baseball Coach of the Year, playoff team even with battling the Rona, and hiring the first ever Female GM Kim NG. Kim, you have a fan and supporter in me! This was long overdue for you. JUNTOS MIAMI!

Florida State, my beloved school. I was in Tallahassee from 2013-2017 and in that time I was able to witness; Natty Championship, College Football Playoff Rose Bowl, NY6 Peach Bowl, Orange Bowl Champs. I was extremely spoiled during my time there and cherish every single moment of those years. Jameis Winston and Dalvin Cook will always be super heroes in my eyes and you will NEVER hear me say a bad word about either of them. Jimbo, you broke my damn heart. We suck now, but I am as loyal as they come. I have full confidence Norvell will turn it around.

That’s enough about me! I look forward to providing you all with some bold takes and many laughs along the way.


La Crespa

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Born & Raised in Miami, FL. Diehard Miami Dolphins, Heat, Marlins fan. FSU Alum.
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