The Internet Is Trying To Cancel Keemstar and It’s About Time As #KeemstarIsOverParty Trends On Twitter @KEEMSTAR

I’ve been over Keemstar for awhile now… I absolutely hate this cancel culture but if there is one person that I can get behind canceling it’d be Keem.

I’m annoyed of his stupid Drama Alert videos and his opinions on everything. Before my Twitter account was suspended and I had to start another one, he blocked me for writing one of these blogs. Let’s see if it happens again. He’s a baby.

Every time that I click on one of his stupid videos he starts trashing everyone. Then starts crying when anyone mentions him. He always has these crazy opinions about the Paul brothers too but can’t keep their name out of his mouth. All this starts getting old.

I have no clue why he’s getting bashed right now, maybe I should look it all up but I’m annoyed of hearing his name.

Right now the hashtag #KeemstarIsOverParty is trending and I’m loving it!

Trisha Paytas is getting into the mud also.

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