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The Guy Who Drafted Kareem Hunt Gives Him Another Chance This Time In Cleveland

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Kareem Hunt was released by the Kansas City Chiefs in November after a video showed him “kicking” a women. Although, the “kick” was very soft; it was enough for Hunt to lose him job. After a few months have passed, what team would pick up Hunt?

As a Detroit Lions fan, I’ll be honest, I was hoping that I was going to wake up today and see that Detroit brought Hunt in. Listen, I get it. He had an altercation with a women, please look into the entire story. This guy isn’t no Ray Rice. But eitherway, that isn’t what happened. Hunt, was given another chance by the same exact guy who drafted in to the Kansas City Chiefs.

John Dorsey, who was the Chiefs’ GM when the team drafted Hunt, released a statement today as Cleveland announced the signing. Dorsey said the decision hinged on two factors: that Hunt took full responsibility for what he did, and that he would commit to treatment and “a plan that has been clearly laid out.” The former is not true—part of the reason why the Chiefs cut Hunt, according to The Athletic,

 is because he told the team he never left his hotel room on the night of the altercation.

Do you agree with the move? Or do you think that the NFL shouldn’t reinstate him? Before you comment though, click this…. And read the entire story.

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