The Group Of 5 Has Hope

When the college football playoff was created the idea was that smaller teams could contend for a title. Since the playoff became a thing, this has not been the case. The playoff has been dominated by the big teams. Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson, Georgia, and Oklahoma have ran this shit. However, this year we seem to have a chance for a group of 5 to get in.

Cincinnati has the makings to be a playoff team. After getting 2 big road wins against Indiana and Notre Dame, the only real game left for the Bearcats is UCF. Assuming they win that game and finish undefeated, there is a very strong argument for Cinci to be a playoff team.

Assuming Bama and Georgia go undefeated until the play each other in the SEC title, where the winner will lock up the 1 and the loser will probably be 2 or 3, there are 2 spots left. There are obviously a lot of power 5 teams without losses, but they likely cannibalize each other.

In the BIG 10, you have Ohio St, Michigan, Penn St, and Michigan St who all have to play each other. With Ohio St already having a loss, I find it very unlikely we see any of those teams go undefeated. Iowa has to play Penn St this week, and then the winner of all that mess.

The ACC has no hope. Clemson isn’t that good. Wake Forest is still undefeated, but them maintaining that would be shocking to say the least. Everyone else in the conference has already lost too many.

The PAC 12 just has Oregon who just lost to Stanford but has a very good win @ Ohio St. The question becomes, if Oregon wins out, and wins the PAC 12, do they get in with one loss over the undefeated Cincinnati team?

The BIG 12 has 2 undefeated teams left, being Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. I do not see either of these teams going undefeated, and considering they play each other, only one of them could.

The SEC is already set in stone barring chaos. Bama and Georgia will be undefeated going into the SEC title game, where we will see an insane game, and likely a National Title preview.

So it comes down to this. Does a 1 loss team like Ohio State, Michigan, Oregon, Oklahoma, Penn St, Michigan State, Iowa, or Oklahoma State get in above a no loss Cincinnati team. Obviously if any of these teams go undefeated they will. But considering schedules, I see no way where 2 of those teams go undefeated. One maybe could. But 2 is highly unlikely. The Committee will have a tough call to make. This is so exciting, for the first team we could see a group of 5 team get a chance to compete for a title.

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