The Greatest Socceroos of All-Time: The Top 5 Best Australian Soccer Players

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In 2021, it’s pretty clear that soccer (football as it’s known in other parts of the world) is one of Australia’s favourite sports. Not only are we seeing a serious rise in domestic interests for soccer around the country, but Australia’s international team is also picking up strength and popularity. Sure, ‘The Socceroos’ might not be one of the best international teams, especially not when you compare them to the likes of Brazil or Germany, but they have seen some great players put on that green and gold jersey in the past.

In this relatively short post, we’d like to highlight some of the best international players that Australia has ever seen. So, let’s kick things off with the very best!

Tim Cahill

In the minds of many Australian soccer fans, Cahill is the best there has ever been. Not only is he the second most-capped Australian soccer player of all-time, but he is also one of those guys that you could always rely on for a solid performance. This is probably why he was picked so many times to put on the Aussie jersey! Cahill reigned supreme in the world of Aussie soccer for a grand total of 14 years, and during this time he attained 108 caps while hitting the back of the net a record 50 times for his nation. 

This is obviously great from an international perspective, but Cahill also caused quite a stir during his club career too, over in the Premier League. Even to this day, Australia has yet to see another striker with this kind of talent, and Cahill is sorely missed from the squad!

Damian Mori

Cahill might have the record for the most international goals scored for Australia, but Mori is another guy that could always create some magic in front of the goal. He enjoyed an international career that spanned for a decade, and during this time he racked up 45 caps while scoring an impressive 29 times. He hasn’t actually played for Australia since 2002, but despite his last game being played almost 20 years ago, Damian Mori is still fondly remembered for his incredible performances to this day. Despite his abilities on the field, unlike Cahill listed above, Mori only ventured over to Europe for one season.

Apart from this one season spent in Germany, he spent his entire club career playing for Australian teams – even if the vast majority of Australian soccer betting sites

regularly provided odds for him to make the move to other European clubs!

Mark Schwarzer

Schwarzer is likely the guy that is first on the lips of every Aussie soccer fan when speaking of the national team of the past. He is the most capped player of all-time, even if it is narrowly so since he has 109 caps compared to Tim Cahill’s 108! If you were sceptical, you’d probably be forgiven for thinking that Schwarzer stretched his international career out just long enough to beat Cahill’s record, but who really knows? But unlike Cahill, this guy never scored a single goal in an Australian jersey – likely because he was the goalkeeper!

On that note, Schwarzer was a bit of a panther between the posts back in his day. Besides having great reactions to stop shots, he also boasted great athletic abilities and he had excellent anticipation of where the ball would be coming. 

Brett Emerton

Debatably, Emerton is the best midfield player that The Socceroos have ever had. During his 14-year international career, Emerton racked up a whopping 95 caps for his beloved Australia, and he even knocked in 20 goals. But then again, his role in the team wasn’t really to score goals – it was more to pick out passes that would cause problems for the opposition, as well as help to build up possession and generate attacks from there. With that said, Emerton was excellent at fulfilling these demands, and this is clearly reflected by the number of times he was picked to start for Australia!

When you look back on Emerton’s games, his speed was just breathtaking, and he could skip past defenders like they weren’t even there. This is why he just has to go down as one of the best there has ever been for Australia.

We hope you’ve enjoyed looking back on some of the greatest Socceroos of all-time. And if you want to get even more enjoyment on this topic, make sure you check out some of the old videos with these guys in action!

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