The Gift That Keeps On Giving Barstool Black Friday is Live Now! @stoolpresidente @EKANardini

Pres and Erika have spoken Stoolies unite the Barstool Black Friday sale is now live time to dive in and get some great deals!

If you want to look half as good as Dave does this is a perfect time to buy some merchandise for yourself to step your game up. Or this is the perfect time to get that the special someone a gift.

This is simple math I am doing here so keep up Black Friday Sale + Barstool = steals and you can never have too much Barstool merch right? I mean this is one of the most electric times of the year for Stoolies so it is definitely time to hop on some deals and try to be like Pros or other of your favorite Barstool personalities!


I mean I know you all at Barstool do not need this plug from me and I get that but the better question is which one of your bloggers are going hard promoting Barstool Black Friday? I mean I am here no one goes harder than the guys here at Pro Sports Extra and if you ever need anything I am a DM or a phone call away as I am sure the rest of us over at Pro Sports Extra are! Anyways happy Black Friday!

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