The First Blog From The New PSE Office

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Holy shit! What a blog to remember. I’ll never forget typing this one up. The first blog in the new PSE office.

Yesterday my desk and computer ended up getting moved over to the office so today was the first day where I was able to do anything online. No, we don’t have internet yet. That comes in a couple of days but I have my hotspot from my Iphone turned on and I am pumped that I get to sit in here and blog away. I don’t care who the hell reads this blog but the future is bright. Sitting in this place is badass. Looking at the bar area, and thinking about where everything will be setup is dope. One step at a time. I started this website almost ten years ago and now we have an office. Yes I had one before but it sucked. It was a half hour away from me, and it wasn’t a good environment.


I can’t wait until everything is set up. DirectTV get’s hooked up on the first of the month. The amount of video’s that’ll end up being made out of here is unreal. For those who know where the office is located, don’t show up, unless we have an event or you’re invited. I have some event ideas in mind, but who knows. Live podcast? Come watch a Lions game with me from the office?

So many things to come. But if you’re reading this blog, click here and subscribe to our YouTube!

Should I start doing a daily show? Daily podcast? Bi-weekly podcast? Daily YouTube show? Who knows. As I get more and more comfortable in here and get all set up we will have a bunch of shows…. The future is bright.

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