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Mike Majlak recently released a memoir of his life. This is the same Mike that we often see on Instagram living his best life. His many followers witness as he went on his adventures: partying, traveling, portraying his life as a wildly popular influencer and social media mogul. This of course goes hand in hand with his incredibly tight relationship with Logan Paul, a titan in the social media industry who allowed people like Mike create a name for himself using the platform he was invited to be a part of. You can find Mike active on all social media platforms best known for his series The Night Shift as well as co-hosting Impaulsive.

Mike Majlak Shares A Heartbreaking Story From His New Book "The ...

But this book doesn’t focus on just the highs. For the first few chapters we are invited into Mike’s past introducing us to his divided family, introduction to drugs, and introduction to the business of drugs. I bought this book yesterday and found myself halfway done with the read. Me! I haven’t even picked up a book since High School ended 5 years ago.

On the surface, Mike is a man who grew up in a middle-class home in Connecticut. He had everything available to him and was given the tools to have a “traditional” childhood and young adult life. His stories and past is so filled with grit that finds me turning the page reading more but at the same time sympathize and feel for the struggles that he went through.

Part of me wished that he hadn’t had to struggle this way because the book made me feel like he was my friend. Like he was telling me his story right in the room I was reading in. But another part of me am glad that he had to go through it because I’m happy to see him succeed. Whether it was lucky or not, your redemption story has been nothing short of mesmerizing and I look forward to witnessing more.

THE NIGHT SHIFT (OVERTIME): taking on miami with lana - YouTube

Buy his book now: https://www.amazon.com/Fifth-Vital-Mike-Majlak/dp/B087L8DWZQ

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