The ESPN Playoff Machine has Finally Made its Return

Full transparency, I wanted to write this blog on Tuesday, but the idiots over at ESPN didn’t fix the damn site until today. Nonetheless, if you’re an employer or boss of any sort, expect your employees productivity to decrease dramatically from now until the end of the NFL regular season.

For those who don’t know, the playoff machine is a game on ESPN’s website that allows users to pick every NFL playoff matchup, and see which playoff scenarios it creates. Essentially, its the GOAT of workplace/school fuck-offery. Personally, November-December of my senior year of high school completely consisted of the playoff machine, perusing college hoops lines, and D+’s on precalculus quizzes.

And great news, we’re in the fucking sweet spot of playoff machine season. Only the Jets have been mathematically eliminated, so you can fuck around and get any team you want in the playoffs for the next week. Put down your work, stop studying, flip your teachers/bosses off and get your team into the playoffs.

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I'm an 18 Year Old who's repeatedly had his heart ripped out by the Cowboys, Yankees, and Nets. Proud displayer of a jewy haircut, and even jewier nose. Here 4 a good tyme.

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