The Detroit Red Wings Have Allowed More Goals Than Any Team in the NHL So Far This Season

The Detroit Red Wings are in the midst of a rebuild and all signs are showing that it won’t be over any time soon.

After the 6-1 loss to the Nashville Predators on Monday, the Red Wings have allowed a total of 63 goals in 16 games, six more than any other team so far.

The team’s goalies, Jimmy Howard and Jonathon Bernier, have both struggled mightily. Both have a save percentage below 90% and have allowed at least 3.5 goals per game each.

It hasn’t been all their fault, however. The defense in front of them has been  paltry, at best, and the team is only killing about 68% of their penalties. 

Things don’t look much better offensively either. The Red Wings are only scoring 2.12 goals per game, also worst in the NHL. The team lacks many true scorers, as only 7% of their shots find the back of the net, which you guessed it, is worst in the NHL.

For a proud and historic franchise these types of seasons are tough to stomach for a loyal fanbase. The only bright side to the team has been the young trio of Dylan Larkin, Anthony Mantha, and Tyler Bertuzzi, but after that the NHL roster looks weak with bloated long term contracts from the likes of Luke Glendenning, Darren Helm, and Justin Abdelkader eating up most of the team’s cap space at absolutely 0 production.

Steve Yzerman certainly has his work cut out for him trying to bring this team back to its former glory.


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