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The Detroit Lions Should Target Zach Wilson In The 2021 Draft

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Let it be clear, I love Matthew Stafford as much as anyone and will always have his back, no pun intended, howeva’, it’s pretty obvious that it’s time for both sides to move on, and Stafford-truthers need to realize this. Yes, the coaching has been abysmal, but in the past two games, Stafford has made crucial turnovers that are completely inexcusable and it’s been an issue his entire career. Two picks in the redzone yesterday plus the fumble and pick in the Colts game. You’d think at this point he’d be able to figure it out by now, but he clearly hasn’t been able to shake the big mistake plays, despite how many great plays he’s made, especially his comeback wins.

Matthew has been my favorite Lions player for years and both him & Kelly have done a ton for the Detroit community, but it’s time to ship him to a better team and complete rebuild the roster. Despite once being the highest paid NFL player of all-time, his contract is now very team friendly after the amount of quarterbacks that have signed deals after him, so it’s very likely the Lions could great compensation for him given the right team, especially one on the fringe of contention.

So now let’s turn our heads to the 2021 NFL Draft QB Class. The Lions aren’t going to finish bad enough to draft Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields, so let’s get that out of the way. After them, I believe the next best quarterback prospect is Zach Wilson from BYU. The kid is a stud to say the least:

The dude has everything you want for the modern NFL offense: Arm strength, mobility, & size. Against Boise State last week he completed 21/27 passes for 359 yards and two tuddies. It was the first time ever that BYU hung a 50 burger against another team. He sort of reminds me of Pat Mahomes, but maybe with better speed. The other QB prospects likely to be drafted in the Lions range would be Trey Lance & Tanner Morgan, but Wilson is way more impressive.

It’s only halfway through the season, but it’s time to think of the Post-Stafford Era.

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