The Detroit Lions Are Drafting A Quarterback In Round 1?

Jared Goff, the new quarterback of the Detroit Lions might have to prove himself more than some people think. There are Lions fans who believe Goff, 26, is the answer for Detroit. And there are others who believe he won’t be in Detroit for long. Goff, who is a 2x Pro Bowler was brought into Detroit in exchange for Matthew Stafford and two first round picks and a third rounder! The main part of the trade? The draft picks.

That’s unless you’re Jared Goff who has been a proven winner in the NFL. You’re going to do everything you can with any and every opportunity. Goff has a chip on his shoulder, but that shouldn’t keep Detroit from considering drafting a quarterback in the first round even if Goff is planning on “putting us over the top.”

In a recent article, PrideOfDetroit, wrote multiple reasons on why Detroit should consider taking a QB in round 1.

Something that stood out to me was: Additionally, who is to say that the Lions will be in such a position again? Very rarely do you see four quarterbacks go in the first round. In this year’s draft class, you could justify four quarterbacks going in the first four picks. Jared Goff is not an awful quarterback—he is better than the likes of Mitchell Trubisky—but that could be a negative for the Lions. The Lions could be stuck in purgatory: not good enough to compete with the best teams, but not bad enough to bottom out and secure an early draft pick. Great receivers, linebackers, offensive tackles, and pass rushers can be found throughout the first round of most drafts. Finding a bonafide quarterback prospect like Fields or Lance outside of the top 10 is rare.

When you have an opportunity to draft a young and hungry QB who can change your franchise in the right direction, you do that. I personally believe that Trey Lance is going to be very special. I would love to see Lance in Honolulu Blue. Would I mind watching him sit behind Jared Goff for a year? No. Goff has a chip on his shoulder. Drafting a QB might add even a bigger one and get Goff playing the best he has in his entire career.

Goff as I mentioned has been a proven winner in the NFL – but in a little bit of a different circumstance than he is in now. The Los Angeles Rams were being built right. And the Detroit Lions? Well. I’ve been watching them my entire life and needless to say – they haven’t been built right in the past. So for the future? Who knows. As Lions fans we can only hope!

Who else is Detroit going to take? A weapon for Goff? Possibly. Recently Will Pruitt wrote a blog about why he is finally optimistic for this draft as a Lions fan. For The First Time In Forever, I Am Optimistic About The Lions In The Draft

I just hope they don’t screw it up.

If you have a generational talent available – take him. But if need be, trade back, add more picks. I feel like Detroit isn’t set on one person, which might be a good thing. But if there is the quarterback talent available at the 7th pick that everyone believes there might be – you have to take the QB.

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