The Detroit Lions Are Currently Undefeated And Guess What’s Coming? Matt Patricia WILL Bring Detroit To It’s First Super Bowl

Yes. You read that correct. The Detroit Lions are 2-0-1. UNDEFEATED. *With a tie*

I truly believe that Matt Patricia will bring the Detroit Lions to their first Super Bowl. I don’t care if you disagree with me or agree.

It’s my opinion.

I’ve never said this about another coach. The only other time was … last year when I said this same thing last year, Patricia will bring Detroit to it’s first Super Bowl. 

I’m not saying that it’ll be this year – but it’s possible.

This team is different. The locker room is different. Detroit finally has a room of leaders and players who care about winning.

This franchise deserves a Super Bowl and with Matt Stafford playing the best football of his career – Detroit could possibly make a run. 

And honestly, the week one tie might have been what this team needed to get there head and that they can’t completely collapse and how to play a FULL GAME.

This coming Sunday will be a big test for the Lions as the Chiefs come into town. If Detroit can pull this one out we’ve got something special.

If you agree that Matt Patricia will bring us a Super Bowl and trust me you’ll want to get on the hype chain before it’s too late go ahead and purchase the “In Patricia We Trust T-Shirt” 😀 CLICK HERE


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