The Curse Of Oak Island Facebook Fans Believe There Is A Ship In The Swamp, Read Some Thoughts

There is no doubt that fans of The Curse of Oak Island are eager for season 7 but what for?

Another bobby dazzler?  Nope. A ship.

This theory has been passed on throughout decades about there was a ship in the swamp. According to reports the team has discovered that ship

And on top of the Oak Island team believing there is a ship, Oak Island fans seem to believe so as well. (I won’t show you the clips from the episode you can click the bold words to go to the episode clips.)

Here are some of the replies:

Joyce Walsh Green wrote: Absolutely. Nolan found ships rigging and other pieces in the Swamp and then Rick And team pulled long curved ships decking and nails from there. These things were dated to the 1700s.

Frank Wanko wrote: I know there is a big debate on whether there is a ship in the swamp and not saying there is one or not but here an interesting fact and it can be checked for accuracy. I’m a Mason and at our lodge meeting last night, we had a guest speaker who is the current Grand Commander of the Knights Templar. On the date of October 13, 1307, when the Pope had the Templars arrested, the Templars had a fleet of ships, none of which were found.

They were moved and hidden. Also, there were thousands of Templars and only about 600-700 were caught, the others went underground, some on the ships. There are many places where Templar artifacts have been found in North America prior to Columbus.

Wayne Lloyd wrote:Absolutely a ship buried!
No doubt whatsoever.
Oak Island used to be two islands. They floated the ship in and then closed off in between.


Matt Wolverton wrote: They dismantled the ship to make the vault

Ken Anderson wrote: The team certainly thinks it’s a S. H. I. P., as Marty put it.

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