The Constitutional Implications from The President’s Trip to Walter Reed

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The president is going to take a couple of days in Walter Reed Medical Center to get over COVID-19. It is a big deal, It is a national security issue, and bordering on historic. The White House is reporting and Insisting that there will be no transfer of power. “Transfer of Power?!” “The President can do that?!” The Answer is yes.

The 25th Amendment is what makes handing off power possible. Whenever the President goes under surgery, the Vice President is always notified and told to be on standby. Anytime the president goes under, that’s what happens. The 25th Amendment is the succession amendment, the one where it lists the presidential succession order. It is also the “mental capacity” amendment for when the president is unable to process his duties.

The White House insists that there will be no transfer of power, but what if the president is rapidly declining and has to be on a ventilator? There is a point where Mike Pence will have to take the power over anyway, and the question that lead off this paragraph is exactly when. The last time the president was put under was George W. Bush for a stent, Dick Cheney knew and was on standby for if things went south for George W. Luckily, things went fine.

I’m not a contact tracer by no means, but all the reporting about what event it stems from is from when President Trump announced that Amy Comey Barrett was announced for the supreme court vacancy. There were two events that day. Many of the people that you have heard through today that tested positive for COVID-19 (10/2) were in attendance at one or probably both of those events.

Also, I think there Is a lot to the White House’s messaging about this. Starting with how the president is doing well at midnight when he first announced he and the first lady tested positive. This morning, we get a report that the president is experiencing “mild symptoms,” The press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, this afternoon said the president is “fatigued.” The fact that He has gone from “fine” to the hospital is very concerning, smart, but I think he is a lot worse than we think.

This also bring up the Vice President, who was in attendance at both events as well. He and The Second lady have tested negative this morning, but they will continue to be tested to see if COVID-19 emerges. What if tests positive and will decline just as fast?

What will happen if the president declines to the point of being on a vent? What would happen with the campaign? What if Mike Pence get the presidential power and he goes under? It could lead to a Nancy Pelosi presidency. I don’t know about the campaign rules for when a candidate gets sick and possibly dies, but the historical implications this close to an election are something else.

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