The College Football Playoff Selection Committee are Attention Whores

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You can never go a week it seems without the committee does something that makes you scratch your head.

Just when you were probably happy that Cincy moved up to Number 5 and everything was going to be fine…think again!

The Committee decided to put Jim Harbaugh and his Michigan Wolverines ahead of Michigan State, who both have the same record and have both played each other. Guess who won that game? Oh right, Michigan State. So, how does it make sense that the Spartans sit behind the Wolverines.

The main problem with this is that Ohio State sits behind Oregon at this moment due to their head to head meeting. If you’re going to have it one way, you better have it the other as well. Especially considering Ohio State has been worlds better than Oregon since their matchup.

I just don’t get it at this point. I mean I’m just assuming at this point that all these people need attention that they lack from somewhere. It’s so annoying at this point. Why there can’t be peace for once?

Yes, these are only the second edition of rankings and there’s a long road ahead, but still get it right. I also think Penn State beats Michigan this week at home, so we won’t even have to worry about that problem.

As you see, this is just stupid. Stop wanting attention for once. Thanks!

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