The Cavinder Twin Sisters Are Taking Over TikTok Also College Basketball – | @CavinderHaley @CavinderHanna

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You might have heard the last name Cavinder or the Cavinder Twins on TikTok. They’re both a couple of dimes! But besides their awesome TikTok videos they’re taking over college basketball.

Haley and Hanna Cavinder are twins sisters but they are not the same player on the basketball court.

“I’m more of the physical, ‘get the rebound, I’ll hit the three,’” smiles Haley. “But Hanna’s shot, she can hit the three, but she’s shown more of driving in.”

They have over 2.5M followers on TikTok and are constantly showing up on the For You Page. They’re taking over college basketball and they’re taking over TikTok.

Check out some of the recent dances they’ve done:


🐶♥️😀 ##fyp ##foryou

♬ Vroom Vroom – Gwendolyn_Takapu

had to do it 😜 ##fyp ##foryou

♬ Mean – $NOT & Flo Milli


♬ No hands – …fudge🤬

Happy New Year💫💫 ##fyp ##foryou

♬ original sound – Amanda Lynn Adams✨

🤩🤩 ##fyp ##foryou

♬ Jingle Bell Rock – MARIYA

don’t hate on the 🐬s that hard 😂😂 ##fyp ##foryou

♬ Teach Me How To Dougie – Classics Reborn

Now besides the TikTok’s..

Watch them ball:


During the last game:

Haley Cavinder’s 30-point effort propels ‘Dogs to 78-70 win over Nevada – read here

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