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The Buffalo Bills Are Going to the Playoffs and Losing

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The Buffalo Bills are going to the 2020-2021 NFL playoffs where I predict (short of another COVID outbreak that eliminates the competition) an early exit. Right now, the Bills are sitting pretty in one of the worst divisions in the NFL (save for the NFC East whose teams should be taken out and shot) and while they started off strong, one need look no further than the teams they played to understand why they got off to a good start.

ZAGREB , CROATIA – NOVEMBER 17, 2015 : NFL Buffalo Bills club equipment with NFL official ball, product shot

There’s no arguing that Josh Allen is one of the franchise’s best quarterbacks, but his accuracy remains a problem and it remains to be seen if he is going to step up from a good quarterback to a great one. Like many Bills quarterbacks, Allen doesn’t get the protection he needs, but he is so mobile that he manages to keep in the game, even when he’s running for his life.

The rest of the team is hit and miss. To their credit, the Bills are winning the games they used to lose. For example, in past years, they’d lose by a few points than winning by a few points as they do now. However, they have yet to beat a good team (other than the L.A. Rams) and while I’d love to see them go far in the playoffs, that won’t happen unless they get their offense together. The Bills’ recent showing against the Jets was a lesson in ineffectiveness as they had 422 total yards (including 296 passing), but failed to score any touchdowns.

Yes, the team has injuries, but that’s part and parcel with any NFL franchise. The Bills have an extremely easy division this season and will be in the playoffs. Going ar though? That’s another situation and the fans deserve more. The team is past the point where getting into the playoffs is good enough. While Bills fans are a longsuffering lot, getting to a championship game (don’t even get me started on the SuperBowl, I still have flashbacks from the four appearances in the 90s) should be their goal, but currently, it’s an unrealistic one.

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