The Brow Wants Out

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Now it is only a matter of when not if. The New Orleans Pelicans were informed by superstar big man Anthony Davis that he has no intention on signing a contract extension with the organization and that he wishes to be traded to another team. Davis is eligible for a supermax extension which would pay him roughly $240 million over five seasons.

However, if New Orleans were to trade Davis, he would no longer be eligible for super-max status. Davis can become a free agent in the summer of 2020. An idea that has been milling around the NBA for a while now is finally coming to fruition.

The Pelicans are currently in 13th place in the highly competitive Western Conference with a record of 22-28. An organization that has traded away players and draft picks left and right has proven over time that they are not willing to take the necessary steps to truly position themselves as an NBA title contender, something that Davis aspires to compete for.

The Pelicans have made the playoffs just twice in Anthony Davis’ career, all to no avail. The Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics, and New York Knicks are currently three teams that could potentially make some moves for the highly coveted big man.

While no team has positioned themselves as the number one favorite landing spot for AD, expect those three to soon make a push to help solidify their frontcourt going forward as the season progresses.

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